Reasons We Lose Our Motivation And How To Solve Them

With so many negative things happening around, it can be hard to stay motivated. With the future still uncertain, depression and anxiety can easily set in. Lack of motivation is difficult to solve. At the first sign of failure, you could easily lose your motivation. Robert Janitzek gives us some advice on motivating yourself.

Why Do We Lose Motivation?

There are 3 main reasons we become demotivated:

Lack of Confidence

This is one of the biggest killers of motivation. You doubt your ability to succeed so that you do not make an effort to try anymore. Lack of confidence happens when you focus your thoughts on what you want and neglect what you already have. When your mind is set on the former, you look for explanations on why you are not getting it. As a result, you create negative thoughts. Because of your past failures, bad breaks, and personal weaknesses, you start to make excuses and make a bad impression.

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that focusing on gratitude can resolve your lack of confidence. Think about the positive things in your life. Do not dwell on your failures and focus on your strengths. This will help boost your confidence and motivation.

Lack of Focus

Lack of focus is another motivation killer. This happens when your focus is on the things that you want instead of a concrete goal. We think about our fears such as being poor, being alone, or lack of respect. When our thoughts are on our fears, it can drain our motivation.

To maintain your focus, set your mind and energy on a well -defined goal. To stay motivated, convert your intangible desire to a concrete and measurable step. For example, if you have a fear of being poor, find ways to increase your income. You could either look for a high paying job or go back to school.

Lack of Direction

The last motivation killer is lack of direction. This can hurt your drive to motivate yourself because it makes you give in to procrastination. Lacks of direction means not having a goal and plan to achieve your aim. For example, you want to have your own blog but you are not doing something to achieve this goal.

In order to find direction and stay motivated, you need to identify the activities that resulted to your success. List down all your activities and arrange them based on the results. Then make an action plan that focuses on the activities that lead to big returns.

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