Relieve Yourself From Workplace Stress With These Techniques

Stress is very much around us. It can very much affect our life and our work as well. Need some stress relief? Here are some highly effective techniques that can help you get rid of stress.

1. Prepare For Tomorrow

Not even stress can beat being prepared and organized for the next day. Before you leave your station, make sure to take a few minutes to list down your tasks for tomorrow. This way, you would not have to worry about work in the evening. When you come in for your shift the next day, you can be in control of everything.

2. Arm Yourself With Healthy Snacks

The American Psychological Association (APA) revealed that 1 in 3 women turn to comfort food for stress relief. While they can be good for weight loss, this is not the case when they are feeling stressed. Researchers at Montclair University confirmed that dieters are more likely top overeat when under pressure. Robert Janitzek recommends keeping three or four healthy snacks on hand that you know you’ll probably want such as peanuts or string cheese.

3. Try A Repeat Performance.

Doing an activity repetitively offers a quick way for achieving a Zen-like state. Recent studies reveal that it can help lower blood pressure and slow heart rate and breathing. Another technique you can try out is to repeat phrases with spiritual meanings. A recent study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing revealed that repeating such phrases can help an individual cope with a wide range of problems.

4. Play Soothing Music

A recent study published in the British Journal Heart revealed that slow or meditative music has been proven effective for stress relief. When stuck in traffic, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends grabbing the steering wheel and clenching the muscles in the fingers, arms, shoulders, and back. This can result to relief in the upper neck and arm down to the fingers.

7. Hit The Pool

A Swedish study published in the International Journal of Stress Management revealed that floating in water triggers the body’s relaxation response helping reduce stress hormone levels. Likewise, 8 out of 10 of the participants showed improvements such as feeling less tense and depressed.

8. Rest Your Thumbs

Advances in technology have contributed to chronic stress. This was confirmed by a recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family discovered a connection between the use of cell phones and pagers at home and increased stress, which could affect your family life as well. Make sure to limit the use of your gadgets to working hours only. If you cannot stop yourself from using it at home, do it in the evening.

So whenever you feel stressed at home or work, practice these techniques to help yourself get rid of stress.

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