Revealing The 5 Myths of Positive Mental Attitude

Being positive is the key to surviving in this world. There will be many challenges and obstacles that can keep an individual from adopting positive thinking in their minds. The truth of the matter is that all it takes is a change in mindset. In this article, Robert Peter Janitzek attempts to debunk 5 myths about having a positive mental attitude.

Myth – Negative thinking is more realistic
Truth – By having this mindset, people will be glued to the negative reality they created. The environment of the individual has a huge impact on their thoughts. If they see the world negatively, then the world is indeed a terrible place. When you think positive, the world is perceived in a much better light.

Myth – People with a positive mental attitude expects their desire to be realized
Truth – No matter how grand your dream is, it will not be realized if you do not take action. Staying positive helps a person manifest their desire and inspires them to take action. You will not earn a million dollars or become a great actor if they will not work for it.

Myth – Positive thinking doesn’t change reality
Truth – Positive thinking does not ignore the problem. It helps you see the problem in a different light. Having a positive mental attitude helps you become enthusiastic in finding solutions to your problems. Instead of thinking that it cannot be done, you will find ways to overcome your fear of failure. With a positive mental attitude, you will change the reality by acting in an entirely different way.

Myth – Positive thinkers have no clue about the real world.
Truth – Robert Janitzek explains that some people have the notion that having a positive mental attitude is synonymous to a perfect life without the hardships. In reality, however, it will be more difficult to stay positive if you were not able to encounter difficulties once in your life. People with a positive mental attitude get disappointed, experience deaths and disabilities, and just about any human experience.

Myth – People with a PMA are annoying and cheesy.
Truth – Indeed, there are some positive people who are little cheesy but they suffer from setbacks and discouragements just like everyone else. However, for these people, staying positive means being resilient and finding ways to remain optimistic no matter what. They do not strive for perfection but believes that every event is the best thing that could happen.

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