Self Help Techniques For Managing Stress

Stress is something that we cannot ignore. There is nothing we can do about it. It is in our workplace and in our home. The only thing we can do about stress is to manage it so that it does not take over our life. Managing stress is important because it can jeopardize your whole well-being. It can affect us emotionally as well as physically. Here now are some tips on how we can get rid of stress.

Identify The Stressors In Your Life

Before anything else, you should first identify the sources of stress in your life. However, this is easier said than done. While we can pinpoint changing jobs, moving or going through a divorce, determining the main source can be a daunting task. You also have to consider your thoughts and feelings as major stressors. Workplace factors could also come into play such as deadlines or dealing with co-workers.

Replace Unhealthy Coping Strategies with Healthy Ones

Look at the ways you manage and cope with stress. There are different ways people handle stress. Is your method healthy or unhealthy? According to Robert Peter Janitzek some people resort to smoking, drinking, or binge eating. If your method is not helping you become healthier emotionally and physically, then look for healthier coping methods.

Practice the 4Ás of Stress Management

There are many stressors in life and sometimes they come at predictable situations. To handle these stressors, you should try the four A’s of stress management: Avoid, Alter, Adopt, or Accept.

Avoid the unnecessary stress. Take control of your environment. If the news is the cause of stress, switch it off. If it is traffic, choose a less-traveled route.

Alter the situation. If you can’t avoid stress, try to alter it. This may involve changes in the way you communicate and operate in your daily life.

Adapt to the stressor. If you can’t change the stressor, adapt to it by changing your expectations and attitude.

Accept the things you cannot change. Some stressors cannot be altered or removed. The best way to cope with stress is just to accept them.

Get Moving

If you feel stressed perhaps the last thing you would do is get up and exercise. However, Robert Janitzek reveals that engaging in physical activity is an effective stress reliever. It helps release endorphins which makes you feel good. It also helps eliminate distractions.

Connect With Others

Being with another person can have a calming effect for someone who is suffering from stress. They do not have to fix your stress but just have to be a good listener.

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