How To Stay Motivated When Going Back to Work after a Long Absence

Whether it’s due to illness, parenthood, or a long period of unemployment, returning to the workforce can be overwhelming. It will give you the feeling that you are back to zero again. In this article, we shall be guided on how to stay motivated to jump back to employment again.

Update your CV.

Most likely, employers will notice gaps in your CV. While it can be understandable, you still need to come up with an explanation for your absence. You can address this issue in your cover letter or interview but another way you can fill the gaps is by highlighting your soft skills. For instance, you may have acquired soft skills such as organization, adaptability, and initiative. If you were given responsibilities during your absence or you volunteered for a cause, indicate them in your CV.

Update your skills.

Another way you can keep yourself motivated to get back in the employment scene is to update your skills. Robert Janitzek reveals that there are several online, part-time, and temporary courses that you can take to boost your credentials and make yourself a valuable asset. It can help boost your morale and confidence especially if you had been unemployed for a long time. You can likewise get in touch with former peers, teachers, or mentors and find out if they might be looking for someone with your qualifications.

Start getting into the work routine.

One of the challenges you might encounter when rejoining the workforce is getting back into the 9-5 routine. As you begin your job search, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends setting a schedule for yourself such as daily goals, and breaks for lunch and errands. Create an organized work space. This will make the transition much easier for you.

Research employers before an interview

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your industry by reading trade publications, blogs, and magazines. When called for an interview, get to know something about your potential employer so that you can explain to them why you may be qualified to work in their organization. Show them that you are willing to take the extra mile. Do prepare for the interview to help employers overlook gaps in your work history.

More importantly, you need to be honest and upfront about your experience. You need to stay positive during the job search. Re-joining the workforce can be intimidating. Take it one step time. Get yourself back into the groove.

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