How To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

So you have decided to lose weight? But for some people, finishing their goal seems to be a daunting task. They start dieting and exercising but cannot finish. When it comes to weight loss, it can be hard to stay motivated. It may be due to outside pressure or you are not really ready to lose weight. If you are really keen on losing weight, don’t lose hope. Here are some tips on how you can go about with weight loss.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Whether you maintain a spreadsheet on your computer or simply jot it down on a notebook, tracking your progress can help you with your motivation. You can keep on an eye on your weight measurements or your body mass index (BMI). By monitoring your progress, you are less likely to return to your old ways. Robert Janitzek explains that by keeping a close watch of your progress, you can catch slip-ups in your calorie count or exercise habits, which when left unchecked, can result to weight gain. The key to weight loss is eating the right amount of food.

Reward Yourself to Boost Motivation

One of the ways you can keep your motivation when losing weight is to reward yourself without food. For example, you might enjoy an afternoon of golf or fishing. For women, they might read a new book or watch movies in bed. Discover what makes you happy and make it a reward for achieving small goals.

Address Emotional Eating and Other Motivation Busters

Robert Peter Janitzek says that most of us have the tendency to do emotional eating when we feel stressed, angry, sad, or frustrated. When we do this, our weight loss goals become forgotten. As we need to deal with our problems, you will less likely to be in control of your weight. Jot down your feelings when you eat on your weight loss journal.

Go on the Offense and Prepare for Diet Sabotage

Some people will encourage you to forget about your diet “just once.” The problem the “once” can happen over and over again. If someone tells you to go off your diet, to stay motivated you might need to distance yourself or seriously talk with them about your weight loss efforts.

Use Medical Motivation to Stay on Track

Some people tend to lose weight for appearance. However, once you have reached a certain weight and are able to wear new clothes already, that desire will dwindle. The excitement of shopping for new clothes will not last long. You should lose weight not for appearance but for health.

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