How To Stay Motivated When Your Work Is Being Criticized

It is hard to stay motivated when your work is being criticized. No matter how much effort you put in, your work will always be under scrutiny by your boss or peers. Your initial reaction will be to just quit and look for a job elsewhere. But quitting is not always the best option. Besides, you need to prove yourself to your critics. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated in the face of criticisms.

Ask Questions

Find out what went wrong. If something is not clear or you do not understand a certain comment, you can always clarify. Likewise, you can talk to your boss to verify that it is not a personal criticism. Maybe they just want you to improve on certain aspects of your work. Take the comments of your superiors seriously. You can learn from those criticisms.

Stay calm and take responsibility

Be calm and don’t be defensive about what is happening. Stay professional as much as possible. Do not let it shatter your self-confidence. Be responsible for your mistakes. Robert Janitzek advises against passing the blame to a colleague. By accepting your mistakes, you will portray humility and responsibility, which are important traits in the workplace.

Take a step back

Look at the criticism in a more objective way. Go back to it after a few days. You will be able to see it with a fresh mind and new perspective. Acquiring this skill will help you with bigger tasks and projects in the future. Perhaps you can send a draft of your work to a colleague or friend for corrections before submitting your final draft.

Take it as a compliment

Be positive about the situation. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that your boss may think that your work is good and will make a difference if they go over it and make comments and corrections. If there are no comments, it means that your work is less important to your boss. Remember that you are still learning and will not be perfect the first time around.

Don’t apologize

If you did your best on your work, there is no need to apologize for it. Use it as a learning experience. It is not a personal criticism so no need for apologies. Demonstrate strength by saying that you will take note of their comments. This shows that you are proactive and dedicated.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Stay positive. Don’t let the criticism affect your self-confidence. Don’t think of yourself as worthless. Think of the criticism as an area for improvement. Use those criticisms as a stepping stone for success.

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