How To Stay Positive After A Breakup

You gave your all to the relationship hoping you would end up as married couples in the end. But unfortunately that dream of yours did not end up according to plan. Whether it was your idea or your partner’s no longer matters. There is no use crying over spilled beans. It is to move on and live your life without your partner. It will be a long road to recovery but hopefully these tips will help you stay positive after the breakup.


At first, it will be tough for you getting up in bed early in the morning. But you need to set the tone for the day the moment you open your eyes. Think of the things you are thankful for in your life before your feet hits the ground. You may be thankful that you are still breathing but there are other reasons for you to show gratitude.

Catch up on your to do for me list

Breakups will not only consume headspace but your energy as well. You have spent most of your time with your partner and now that you have broken up with him or her, you will have a lot of free time for yourself now. Robert Janitzek recommends using that time productively. If you are planning to organize your garage, paint your kitchen, or clean out your closet, this is the perfect time.

Stop stalking

Moving on can be difficult if you will still frequent your partner’s Facebook page. You will only hurt yourself even more if you watch their every move and you remain stuck in the past. Block them . In addition, do not go to the places you went together. It will only make you feel sad and lonely.

Give yourself a make over

One of the best ways you can move on from your failed relationship is to get a makeover. Robert Peter janitzek reccomends changing your hair, style, and reinvent yourself. Maybe there were some things that you cannot do because you are being held back by your partner. Now you can wear high heels or have a beard because no one will hold you back anymore.

Switch your routine

Again, don’t dwell in the past. Go to a different coffee shop or grocery store. Try a different route to work. Flood your brain with new memories and new faces. New experiences mean new stories for you. Places and possessions bring memories and torturing yourself with memories will not help in your recovery period.

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