How to Stay Positive In The Midst of Depression

Have you ever tried staying positive when you are experiencing depression? At first, it might sound impossible. In reality, however, it is not. All it takes is a change in mindset. This article will guide you on how to have a positive mindset even when you are depressed.

Express Gratitude

When you are depressed, your first reaction will be to be sorry for yourself. However, instead of making you feel better, it will only make you feel worse. Focus on the things you are grateful for. Be thankful for good health, a place to live, for the people who love you, and others. If you will only look at it, Robert Janitzek reminds that there are plenty of things to be thankful for. You can write them down in a journal. When you realize these things, it will make you feel better.

Focus on Yourself

This is easier said than done especially if you have low motivation and feeling depressed. Keep in mind that you need to act in order to become motivated. Even if it is forced, taking action will spark your motivation to take action again.

Pay it Forward to Stay Positive with Depression

If you want to make yourself feel food, pass it on to someone. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, paying it forward entails so much more than just buying coffee for somebody else in a Starbucks outlet. A little compliment can go a long way in making another person feel good. Think of the few times throughout the day that you can turn someone else’s day a little brighter. In return, it can make you feel good too.

Listen to Happy Music

One effective tool for changing your mood is music. Listening to your favorite tunes can make a huge difference in turning your mood from depressed to happy in just a matter of minutes. In order to stay positive when listening to music, focus on the lyrics, listen to the different instruments, and shift your attention to the songs being played. Music can help take your mind off anything that is going wrong. If it will help you, don’t just listen to the music, dance to it. Movement can help get you into the present moment.

While these tips will not cure your depression, they can help you to stay positive during the times when you are feeling down.

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