How to Stay Positive in a Negative Work Situation

It is hard to stay positive in the workplace when everything around you is negative. It can be particularly troubling because we depend so much on our jobs to maintain our daily lives. If you are finding it hard to cope with negativity in your workplace, here are some tips on staying positive regardless of the conflicts you will encounter.

Stay Calm

When you are facing conflicts at work, whether directed towards you, colleague, or your team in general, the key is to stay calm. This will help you with assessing the situation in order to make the best possible decision.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

When under pressure, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends practicing some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or counting to 10 can help relieve the stress.

Walk Away Instead of Talking

Once you have walked away, use your five senses to calm down. For example, you could soothe yourself with aromatherapy at your desk.

Accept The Situation

Resisting the negative situation in your workplace can only make the internal conflict worse. Rather than resist and force yourself into a negative situation, acknowledge what is happening around you. Face the problem and find a solution instead of letting it drag out and becoming a consistent burden.

Remind Yourself of Things You Are Good At

In the midst of negative interchange, Robert Janitzek explains that you can easily get tempted to feel bad about yourself. Negativity can make you feel defensive resulting to a negative response. Focus on your strong points until the exchange has ended.

Look back at a recent project you worked on that you got praised for. Think about the classes you attended and the experiences on your resume that makes you qualified for the position.

Avoid A Negative Reaction

Instead of responding negatively to a negative person, You can best diffuse the tension by staying positive in the moment. You can be tempted to fight back but resist it as much as possible. Avoid being defensive as it can only make matters worse. To get rid of stress, say things that avoid confrontation like “I was not aware of the error.” Or “I apologize for any confusion I might have caused.”

Avoid Engaging In The Conflict

Avoid engaging with someone who is hurling accusations at you. Stay calm and quiet. Apologize even if you think that it is not your fault. You can deal with the reality once the heat of the moment has passed.

Speak Slowly

By speaking slowly, it will give you time to think about what you are going to say. It will make you appear confident. It will also make you look purposeful and precise.

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