How Stress Can Affect Your Work Attitude

The modern workplace demands more productivity for less wages. As a result, many workers end up working in unfavorable conditions. This could result to stress on the part of the employee. In this article, we shall take a look at how stress can affect attitude at work and how to get rid of stress.

Effect of Stress on Attitude

While stress has observable physical manifestations, you need to focus on its effect on the work attitude of your employee. Workers who experience a high level of work-related stress consistently demonstrate a high level of job dissatisfaction. Such attitudes will undermine positive aspects of the work environment and will usually result to hostility on the part of the employee. A hostile worker will usually have hostile thought patterns about their employer, their boss, and their co-workers. They show their hostility by showing the following behaviors: 1) interprets undesirable behavior of others as undesirable; 2) general cynicism; 3) distrust.

According to Robert janitzek, workplace stress is also manifested in the form of emotions such as anger, which could be verbal, non-verbal, active or passive. Lastly, it can also cause behavioral problems, which can include harmful absenteeism or workplace violence.

How To Reduce Stress

Learning some stress reduction tips is the key to learning how to balance work and family responsibilities. By learning stress management, your work attitude will become conducive to a successful career and a healthy life at home. Here are some ways to relieve stress.

Yoga. Exercises like yoga can be an effective way of channeling stress out of the body. Robert Peter Janitzek doing some movements while seated on your chair so no need to worry about losing your effectiveness on the job.

Environment. Your working environment will also have an impact on the level of stress you experience while on the job. You can make some changes on your environment to make it less stressful. For example, you can change the color of your workspace to blue to symbolize hope or purple to suggest wealth. If your station is near a window, take time to enjoy the view and integrate some plants, flowers, and artwork to make a more natural environment.

Focus on what you can change. In order to get rid of stress, dwell on the things that you can do yourself and not on things are beyond your control and influence. After all, you can always leave your company and the job if it is negatively affecting you.

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