The Benefits of Positive Thinking for Body and Mind

There are many factors that can keep an individual from being positive. For these people, they need to realize that positive thinking can have various benefits to your body and mind. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us good reasons why we should start thinking positive.

Positive Thinkers Cope Better With Stress

Research has revealed that positive thinkers are more likely to cope better with stress than pessimists. In one study, it was revealed that when optimists encounter a disappointment, chances are they will focus on things that can be done to resolve the situation. Positive thinkers do not dwell on frustrations and things they cannot change but will devise a plan of action.

Optimism Improves Immunity

Researchers have discovered that your mind can have a huge impact on your body. Robert Janitzek explains that our thoughts and attitudes can have an influence on the immune system. Researchers Segerstrom and Sephton found out that people who were optimistic about a certain part of their lives showed a stronger immune response compared to those who had a negative view of the situation.

Positive Thinking Offers A Lot of Health Benefits

The Mayo Clinic reveals that positive thinking offers a number of health benefits. It reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular problems, reduces depression, and increases life span. Although the reasons positive thinking benefits health are not clear, some people believe that they will live healthier lifestyles.

Improves Resiliency

When people stay positive, they become more resilient. Rather than crumble in the face of adversity, optimists are able to move on and overcome such adversity. A positive thinker looks at possible solutions to a problem. Optimists are willing to ask other people for help. Positive people use positive thoughts and emotions as a buffer to combat depression. According to researchers, resiliency can be cultivated by nurturing positive emotions. This will result to short-term and long term rewards.

It is worth noting, however, that too much optimism will not be good as well. They might overestimate their capabilities and take on more than they can handle which can lead to stress and anxiety. To stay positive, you need to believe in your own abilities, have a positive approach to challenges, and make the most of bad situations.

Frustrations and disappointments are part of life. You need to look at the situation realistically and look for ways you can improve the situation. Most importantly, you need to learn from those experiences.

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