The Types of Toxic Bosses And How To Deal With Them

Having a toxic boss can truly be stressful. The stress that your boss causes is bad for your health. Several studies have revealed that having a bad boss increases your chances of heart attack by as much as 50%. Another study by Gallup revealed that 60% of workers are miserable because of bad bosses. In this article, we shall look at the six different types of toxic bosses and how we can get rid of stress related to them.

The Inappropriate Buddy

This type of boss constantly invites you to hang out after work and engage in unnecessary gossip. He uses his influence to make friends at the expense of his work. He chooses favorites and creates division among employees. When you have this type of boss, the best way to neutralize them is to learn how to set boundaries. Do not let them intimidate you.

The Micromanager

A micromanager boss makes you feel as if you are under constant scrutiny. They pay too much attention to details making employees feel discouraged, frustrated, and uncomfortable. Robert Janitzek recommends showing flexibility, competence, and discipline. As much as possible, ask questions about your project.

The Tyrant

A tyrant boss employs Machiavellian tactics and constantly makes decision that feeds his ego. His main goal is to maintain power using coercion and intimidation. He considers employees as a criminal gang aboard his ship. A painful but effective strategy to deal with this type of boss is to present your ideas that will allow him to still have some credit. Likewise, you must choose your battles wisely.

The Incompetent

This type of boss was promoted hurriedly or hired haphazardly. According to Robert Peter Janitzek, this manager holds a position beyond their capabilities. While they may not be completely incompetent, they have people who have been in the company much longer and have information and skills that they lack. If you have this kind of manager, just swallow your pride and share your experience and knowledge without rubbing it in their face.

The Robot

This type of boss is all about numbers and data. They make little or no effort to connect with employees and looks at the numbers to make decisions on who to let go. To get rid of stress associated with a robot boss, speak his language. Back up your ideas with the necessary data.

The Visionary

The strength of the visionary boss lies on their ideas and innovations. However, this type of approach becomes risky when there is a plan that needs to be implemented. They will not be able to focus on the task at hand. Come execution of the project, their mind is already on the next project leaving you on your own to figure things out. To deal with this kind of boss, ask them specific questions that will force them to rationally approach the issue. Do not refute her ideas directly.

The Seagull

The last type of boss is the seagull. This type of boss interacts only when there’s a fire to put out. They move in and out of situations hastily making bad situations worse. A team approach is most effective with seagulls. Have your team explain that their problem solving approach only makes it difficult for the entire team.

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