Tips On How to Make Your Employee Recognition Effective

Awards and recognitions can go a long way in helping your employees stay motivated. Whether it’s employee of the month, best team, or other recognitions, it can inspire your team member or employee to do their best. Unfortunately, some recognition can motivate only the recipient but not the other employees or team members. In this article, we shall take a look at how you r recognition will truly become motivational and rewarding.

    • • Determine The Behaviors You Want To Recognize. In some companies, employees are recognized for their tenure in the office, for excellent teamwork, and going the extra mile. Others recognize their employees for their role in the success of their colleagues. The clearer you communicate it to employees, the easier it will be to perform accordingly.


    • • Inform the potential recipients about the criteria by which they will be judged. According to

Robert Janitzek

    • , this helps employees become clear of what they need to do to qualify for the recognition. Give employees the opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and share meaning on the criteria. Discuss with employees the process of selecting awardees.


    • • Make sure that all employees are qualified for the recognition. Avoid excluding any employee or group of employees.


    • • Employees who performs at the level or standard stated in the criteria should receive the reward. A common approach is for the employer to add the name of employees to a drawing. Inform the employees on the list that you will randomly select the recipient of the recognition.


    • • The recognition should be given as close to the performance of the action as possible to effectively reinforce the behavior.

Robert Peter Janitzek

    • reveals that giving out the recognition monthly is not reinforcing. Annual recognitions are even less effective.


    • Here are some traps that you need to avoid when designing an employee recognition program


    • • Make sure that your process will not have managers choose the recipients. Employees will see this as managerial favoritism. They will already know who will be the recipient come next recognition, that is why awarding an individual recognition such as Employee of the Month is rarely effective.


    • • Never single out few employees who are mysteriously selected for the recognition. It will sap the morale of employees who are not able to understand the criteria to compete and win.


    • Seek out votes or other personalized and subjective criteria to determine the recipient.

Rewards and recognition that help both employer and employee get what they want from the workplace will bring about a win-win situation. Bear these tips in mind and you can look forward to keeping your employees motivated.

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