Tips On How You Can Deal With Heavy Workload Stress

One of the things that can stress out employees in their workplace is their heavy workload. Having too much tasks is not only tiring but also may force you to work longer than you would like to. Nothing can be disappointing than being given another task when you are already half way through the current project you are doing. And then another task is required from you by another boss. The expectation on you is that you will be able to finish the task. So before you lose your mind from all those tasks, here are helpful tips on how to get rid of stress due to heavy workload.

Understand Your Company & Team Strategy & Culture

Keep in mind that your role exists for a reason and this will be determined by the strategy of your team. This is often indicated in the vision and mission statement of your company. Once you have an understanding, perform the tasks that are strategy driven well. Those tasks that add value to your team or organization should be accomplished first.

Sit Back, Breathe, and Relax

The first thing you can do when burdened with too much workload is not to be overwhelmed by the number of tasks or deadlines confronting you. Robert Janitzek recommends taking a deep breath and relax. In the first place, you cannot do them simultaneously so why worry about them at once.


Note down all the tasks you are going to do and their respective deadlines. Segregate those you can do on your own and those that you need help with. Separate them based on your timelines, stakeholder needs, ease of completion, and estimated time to complete.


We all have different ways of working and different times of productivity. Use the latter to do the most important or challenging task and then complete the easier tasks during the time you find it difficult to concentrate.


This is related to the second tip above. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends that you should set your priorities based on the data you already have. Take note of the projects you have completed one by one, within the deadlines or other constraints.


When you know that you are going to be busy, try and break your day into sessions. Take regular breaks after each session. Start your day with a plan and assign tasks per session. Your boss might give urgent things so be ready to re-prioritize on short notice.

It is Okay To Say No, Sometimes

This is easier said than done especially if the one giving you a task is your manager or other superiors. However, this is the only way you can deal with a heavy workload. Just remember what is important. Saying “no” is sometimes better than accepting the job and not getting it done well.

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