Tips On How Stay Home Moms Can Stay Positive To Get Back To Work

The job of a full-time mom is no joke. Surely, giving up a lucrative office job to raise your kids and take care of your husband must have been a tough decision. Now that you want to get back to work, you must be regretting your decision. The truth of the matter is that there should be no regrets. For a stay-home mother like you, finding a job can be a daunting task. First you need to stay positive and follow these tips for getting back to work.

Perform a self-assessment

You have been out of the labor force for a couple of years or almost a decade, ask yourself why you want to go back to work? What is the reason for you going back to work? Is it because of the potential income? Of course, your reasons for returning to work now would be different than it was before when you did not have kids.

Explore your career interests.

Spending time with your kids offers the perfect opportunity to think about possible career paths. Try volunteering in fields that interest you. If you want to go into counseling/psychology, Robert Peter Janitzek recommends being an intern at a nonprofit focusing on mental health. If you want to be a writer, start a blog.

Stay in touch.

If you decide to go back to work, you need to get in touch with your former work colleagues. Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook has made it easier than ever to connect. But make sure that you get out of the house and meet people. If your former colleagues do not have a job offer for you, maybe they know someone you can talk to. Make sure to get names of other people you can contact.

Update your skills.

Robert Janitzek recommends brushing up on your computer skills. Are you familiar with the latest version of MS Word and Excel? Do you know about social media tools? Your kids may be more tech-savvy than you are. Check out some job descriptions and find out what are the required skills and learn them. You can attend classes at local libraries, community colleges, and even online.

Update your resume.

After being a full time mother, there is likely a large gap in your resume. Find a way to fill this gap with skills and experiences you have acquired during those times. You can insert the time you volunteered as it can keep your experience relevant. You can include them in your resume as “Relevant Experience.”

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