Understanding The Benefits of Positive Thinking

There are many setbacks in our life that can keep us from achieving our goals. According to psychologist Suzanne Segerstrom, “Setbacks are inherent to almost every worthwhile human activity.” With this in mind, we should learn how to set them aside and not let them interfere with our goals. Here we will take a look at the benefits of positive thinking.

1. Increased Life Span

Positive thinking can affect more than just your mood. Optimistic people are more committed to their goals and show more success in achieving their goals. They show more satisfaction in their lives and better mental and physical health. A Dutch study revealed that people with pessimistic disposition are 55% more likely to die.

2. Better Coping With Stress

During stressful situations, optimists cope more effectively than pessimists. Rather than dwell on their frustrations, positive thinkers will devise a plan of action and asks others for help and advice.

3. Better Immune Response

According to research, people who think positive were optimistic about a specific and import at part of their lives showed a stronger immune response compared to those who have negative thoughts.

4. Lower Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol can be a problem for most Americans. However, being optimistic can be a great way to lower your cholesterol level. Reading, yoga sessions, and walking can make you feel better and clear your mind. Thinking positive can help lower your cholesterol level

5. Boosts Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability of an individual to cope with problems. When one is resilient, they will be able to face a crisis or trauma with strength and resolve. Positive thinkers are able to overcome adversities rather than crumble during stressful situations.

6. Lower Risk of Death From Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is the top killer in America. Positivity lowers your risk of heart disease. A study published in Circulation revealed that optimists were less likely to develop coronary heart disease. One study revealed that optimists will have a 73% lower risk of heart failure.

7. Better Coping Skills

According to George Patton, a professor of adolescent health research at the Murdoch Children’s Centre for Adolescent Health in Melbourne, positive thinkers are less likely to experience a range of mental and physical health problems later in their lives. In teens, optimism is protective against depression and can also be helpful in protecting against heavy substance use and antisocial behavior.

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