Understanding the Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them

Keeping employees motivated is the job of every organization. As a leader, you know that in order for your people to bring out the best in them. This was also the findings of a Hay Group research which revealed that highly engaged employees are 50% more likely to surpass their performance targets. In order to help your employees stay motivated, you need to know the different types and how to motivate them.

The Defender

This type of employee seeks security, predictability, and stability. They want to be given clear roles with a set of routine and career paths. Keeping them motivated requires constant communication with them. Regular briefings and sending emails will work for them. You can tell them your expectations and connect their achievements to security.

The Friend

This employee aims for belongingness, friendships, and fulfilling relationships, They like organizations with a strong team ethos, excellent social activities, and provides opportunities for helping others. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that these employees get their motivation from getting supported, consulted, and involved. As the manager, it is your job to foster a good working environment.

The Star

This type of employee seeks recognition, respect, and social esteem. They aim for visible perks connected to their position. A star employee wants organizations with clear hierarchical structure, job titles, and opportunities to shine. These employees are easily motivated by awards and status. Satisfy their need for involvement by involving them in projects, giving them clear career progression, and regularly viewing their targets and goals.

The Director

This type of employee seeks power, influence, and control over people and resources. Robert Janitzek explains that they aim for management or leadership roles with clear and visible responsibility for people and resources, and promotion and career prospects. These employees are motivated by responsibilities and influence.

The Builder

Builder employees seek money, material satisfaction, and above-average living. They want their performance and reward to be strongly linked. They aim for professions with above average pay and visible routes to promotion. They get strong motivation from money and material perks. Give them clear goals and link them to rewards, especially financial ones.

The Expert

This worker aims for knowledge, mastery, and specialization. They like roles requiring specialist knowledge and skills. To stay motivated, need to encourage them to connect with other experts and further boost their expertise.

The Creator

This type of employee looks for innovation, creativity, and change. They want to work in problem solving, development work in cutting edge, innovative companies or challenging environments. Recognize their creativity by rewarding their innovation. The more stimulating the environment, the more motivated they become.

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