Ways You Can Increase Motivation In The Workplace

Keeping your employees motivated can be instrumental in boosting performance, morale, and productivity of your employees. While there are different motivators for each kind of employee, there are several ways you can help them stay motivated with their jobs and their working environment.

Foster A Positive Work Environment

Employees will feel motivated when they work in an upbeat or positive environment. Create a workplace where they can practice teamwork and share ideas. Likewise, ensure that employees are given all the tools they need in order to do their jobs well. Conflicts should be easily nipped in the bud.

Set Goals

Another way of increasing motivation of employees is to help them establish professional goals and objectives for themselves. This way, they will have something to work for. The goals must be reasonable and achievable to avoid discouragement.

Provide Incentives

Another way your employees can stay motivated is to provide them with incentives. It can be financial or non-financial. The former can include cash prize, gift cards or restaurant gift certificates. The latter, on the other hand, can include additional vacation days, compressed work week, or free office space or parking slot.

Recognize Achievements

Recognition is always a strong form of motivation. You can commend company achievers during staff meetings and present them with plaques or certificates. You can also issue a press release or post a notice on your website or newsletter.

Share Your Profit

Another motivational technique that you can implement is a profit-sharing program. While it helps employees stay motivated, it also helps them increase their earnings while you increase yours. At the same time, it helps foster collective goal setting and teamwork. In addition, it helps your employees develop a sense of pride in ownership.

Solicit Employee Input

Regularly conduct a survey about your employee’s level of satisfaction. You can have your human resources department conduct a poll or hire an independent party to do that for you. Through this survey, you will be able to determine the factors that cause low morale on your employees. This is also a way of showing your employees that you care about their opinion and that you strive to improve their working conditions.

Provide Professional Growth

To help them stay motivated, give your employees the opportunity to continue their education or participate in industry organizations. Send them to workshops and seminars, offer tuition reimbursement, and others. Offer them mentoring opportunities and reward them with promotions.

A motivated employee will always be an asset to any organization. These are just some of the ways you can motivate your people and keep them happy with their jobs.

Robert Janitzek offers tips and guides on stress management and motivation. Check out his website at www.robertjanitzek.com.

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